• Infrastructure Management

    Infrastructure Management

    Project & Contract Management
    Infrastructure Asset Management
    Roads Asset Management
    Facilities Management
  • Urban Engineering

    Urban Engineering

    Infrastructure Planning and Design: Water, Roads & Sewers
    Stormwater Infrastructure Planning and Design
    Infrastructure Masterplans
    Building Services & Construction Supervision
  • Water Engineering

    Water Engineering

    Water/Sanitation: Bulk Water/Sanitation Infrastructure Planning,
    Design, Pump Station, Transportation, and Potable Water Storage
    Water treatment: Water Resources Management and Hydrology
  • Roads and Transportation Engineering

    Roads and Transportation Engineering

    Roads: Geometric Design
    Pavement Design, Reseal & Rehabilitation Design
    Transportation: Transport Planning
  • Urban Regional Planning

    Urban Regional Planning

    Town Planning: Spatial Development Frameworks
    Intergrated Development Plans & Land Use Management
    Traffic Engineering: Traffic & Transportation Planning
    Buildings: Architecture & Landscape Design
    Environmental: Impact Assessment & Environmental Management
  • GIS & Web-based Solutions

    GIS & Web-based Solutions

    Geographical Information Systems
    Software Development
    Khamisi Asset Prioritization Tool
  • Water Engineering

    Water Engineering

  • Civil Infrastructure

    Civil Infrastructure

  • Roads & Infrastructure

    Roads & Infrastructure

Khamisi Solutions

Khamisi Solutions is a BBBEE level 2 Built Environment and Technology Solutions driven Consultancy Company with experience in the Built Environment. Our strengths lie in the fields of Civil Infrastructure, Water Engineering, Roads and Infrastructure Asset Management, Town and Regional Planning, GIS, Project Management, Contract Management as well as Technology Driven Solutions.

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    We at Khamisi Solutions are committed to meeting the
    changing needs of our clients through research and innovation.


    Khamisi Solutions is a BBBEEE level 2 consultancy with experience in the built environment.
    Our strength lies in our diverse range of experience in various built environment practises.


    We strive toward professionalism, excellence and efficiency, through integrity
    and ethical behaviour in order to produce quality work and uncompromised delivery of services